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Thinkpads, Chennai and Service

Sun, 25 Sep 2011

This article is for people, who own a Thinkpad and are located in Chennai, and want to get it serviced. I am writing the article, because most people do not know, what services they are entitled to, and how to avail them.

Warranty Service

If your laptop is under warranty. You can directly head to IBM Towers, TTK Road Alwarpet, and get your laptop serviced. You will be entitled to free part replacement.

Post Warranty Service

If your laptop is not under warranty, you can avail Thinkpad Post Warranty Services, by buying a Maintenance ServicePac. And you will be entitled to a free part replacement service. It is a good idea, to ensure that your laptop is always under a Maintenace ServicePac cover.

Getting a Maintenace ServicePac

From the few people I got quotes from, thikessentials, located in Noida, seems to offer the lowest price. You can order the ServicePac from their online store. When you receive the ServicePac, fill, sign, scan and mail it to the specified email address. Once your ServicePac is registered, you can avail Thinkpad Post Warranty Services.


  • As far as I understand, the IBM service center at TTK road, performs only part replacement, and do not do chip level servicing. So if there is any fault in a chip your motherboard, they do not replace the chip, they replace the motherboard.

  • If you laptop is not under warranty or covered by a Maintenace ServicePac, and you take it to the IBM service center at TTK road, they will perform a part replacement. The plus of this approach is that, the problem is less likely to recur. The minus is that, it is too expensive!

  • If you want to get a chip level servicing, you are better off with the other IBM/Lenovo authorised service centers.

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