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Chennaipy September Meet Minutes

Sun, 25 Sep 2011

We had a great monthly meet this time. There were around 11 participants.

Lightning Talks

After a quick self introduction, we started off with Abdul’s talk on Visual Python. He first gave a short intro to Visual Python, and then demonstrated a solar system simulation he had written. Then Vijay gave a talk on Python’s advanced string formatting. He discussed the rationale behind the deprecation of the % operator for string formatting, and how the new format() method overcomes the limitations of the % operator.

It was Roshan’s turn next. He was supposed to give talk on the with statement. But since people were not very familiar with exceptions, he gave a introduction to exceptions and exception handling. Roshan then explained the with statement with the standard file example.

The next talk was on the pyserial module. Rengarajan gave an introduction to the pyserial module, using a GSM modem as an example. He then used the pyserial module to send an SMS using the GSM modem.


We played "The Mighty Dictionary" talk by Brandon Craig Rhodes. Brandon supplemented his talk with excellent slides, and clear illustrations. At the end of video, people raised a couple of questions, and we helped each other get things clarified.

Hope we will continue the good work, next time around as well.

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